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The Full Story

How we found Sliced...

For us... To relax is to create. In Spring 2020 a global pandemic took its toll, with businesses forced to close as the world was plunged into lockdown. Suddenly what once was a busy schedule was now filled with time. Working from home was new and fun for many, and at first, we loved the zoom calls, baking banana bread and home cooking.  It allowed us the time to realise the impact home cooking can have on your productivity and mindset rather than binge eating a takeaway after a 14 hour day. We began creating and sharing recipes that tasted amazing without any nasties with the main focus on becoming a healthier and better version of ourselves.

Our Mission...

Summer 2020 lockdown began to ease, with Hospitality (our core business) reopening and the 14 hour day schedules returning, the healthy eating quickly went out the window. We began to look for 'ready meals' that delivered the same quality of dishes we had loved creating and quickly realised this wasn't available.

The idea of changing peoples relationship with the 'ready meal' was something that excited us and so the concept for Sliced was born.

With just six small frying pans and lots of passion we cooked up a storm in the kitchen and created our meals for our local store in Tattyreagh under our deli brand 'Bread & Butter'. Within 24 hours we had sold over 100 meals. The buzz for the team was immense and something we had all greatly missed since lockdown had began. 

Our Vision...

December 2020 lockdown returned and hospitality was shut down once again. Missing the festive buzz we had known so well, we decided to use our time pro actively and work on something that had became so special to us all.

Sliced was found. 

4th January 2021 Sliced website was launched and we began our mission to change our customers relationship with 'ready meals' and deliver our unique flavours for food lovers who are short on time. We do this by being 'real'. We use no artificial flavours, colours of preservatives. No freezers, can openers or shortcuts and we create each and every dish just as you would at home. It is still a learning process and each and every day, we thrive to improve and deliver a new concept of 'ready meal' alongside our snacks and products that you can depend on readily available for your busy schedules so you can spend your time doing the things you love.

We can go on and on but you won't understand the reason Sliced is different until you have experienced it for yourself.


Our Sliced community is waiting and this is only the beginning.

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