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Overnight Oats - Making Mornings Easy

Overnight oats, a delicious, healthy, and nutritious breakfast or snack. Ready in minutes with premium ingredients, and great to eat on the go!

Sliced overnight oats recipe is the perfect breakfast if you’re looking for a quick and easy delicious dish. It’s so complete and a great choice to eat on the go or at the office!

Life can sometimes be very hectic and we don’t usually have enough time to cook and prepare healthy meals. That’s why Sliced was created! We LOVE making eating well that little bit simpler so when your hungry you just need to grab and go!

Besides, Sliced Overnight Oats can work as a breakfast or a snack, and it’s just so nutritious, tasty, and comforting! One of the perks of ordering online is that you can customise it with your favourite toppings!

Did you know that we use premium Flahavan rolled oats and Alpro plant based milk in our creamy recipe along with a hint of natural fat free yoghurt for that extra goodness. We pride ourselves on no artificial preservatives or sweeteners.

To find out more about sliced meals and our range follow us on social @slicedmeals or check out our products.


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