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Have at least one Sliced meal every day and see the positive impact it has.

At Sliced we are here to break the stigma around the dreaded ‘ready meal’ We are about quality nutrition that helps to form positive habits. No more I’ll start Monday, no more 2 week detoxes and no more I don’t have time to eat healthy.

We are challenging each and everyone of you to swap at least one meal a day for a Sliced meal. If you’ve been enjoying Sliced for a year or just getting started, you can make positive habits that are here to stay and notice the results!

Little changes make big results and we are here to fuel you the ‘Sliced way’ A Sliced meal over a takeaway today and perhaps a daily walk tomorrow? Next, swap the saturated sugary snacks for other more nutritious ones? Set yourself the challenge whether it is to run your first half marathon, lift heavier at the gym or simply eat better to feel better as they do say you are what you eat. Whatever your goal we’re here by your side.

Join us in our #GETSET CHALLENGE and share your little steps with us.

Download our planner to help you stay on track and tag us in your #getset tips and progress.

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Follow along on @Slicedmeals, tag your posts and stories with #GETSET and @Slicedmeals to share your journey, and we might just share it too!

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Head to the Sliced page and join others sharing the same experiences as you. Get tips from each other, help others on their journey and build that motivation. Use #GETSET and tag us @Slicedmeals

Not on social media?

Keep yourself motivated and download the Get Set with Sliced calendar. Stick it on the wall, tick off the days and record the other positive changes you make!


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